Outdoor Education Leadership Program (OELP)

WEGraham takes advantage of the wilderness that we live in and provides opportunities for children to experience the outdoors.  The OELP children in Grade 7 and 8 go camping, hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, and canoeing.  These events typically involve staying overnight.  The children learn to organize so that they can have successful trips.  They become aware of personal care to manage the weather, teamwork to set up their camps, and perseverance to complete each trip.

Along-side Literacy and Numeracy learning, this program is an ideal way to explore the Core Competencies of Communication, Thinking, and Personal Competency that is part of the BC Curriculum.  

The program also boasts many explorations for student in Grade 7 and 8 including: photography, robotics, woodworking, cooking, art, ukuleles, drama, and outdoor learning.