Whitewater Ski Days

When I arrived last year at WEG, I was surprised to learn about the Ski program.  First of all, someone told me that almost everyone will be going skiing.  I thought that it was an exageration.  However, when the first ski-day came I was amazed at how the families of the school support the program.  Only a few did not go.  For our little guys, a parent or grandparent came along.  For one family, not only did the child learn to ski, but so did mom and dad!

At the hill, I was thrilled to see some of our children who are only in Grade 2, confidently and safely cruising down the slopes.  Our older children are strong skiers and boarders.  I just watch them as they go by me. 

It is such an amazing program, it's a great price offered by the ski-hill and the district support for the busses.

Finally, you need to know that the organizing that Shannon has to do to make these days happen is a huge job.  The days run remarkably smoothly because of the work that she does!

See you on the slopes! I'll be going slow!