Welcome Back to WEG!

I was watching a commercial on TV for an office supply company and they used the song "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year".  Of course, the song is intended for Christmas, however in this case, it's about the children going back to school and giving their parents a much needed break.

Well, this year, there's hope for a year that lets us resume things at WEG as we always have.  While we will be wearing masks Grade 4 to 10, (we're used to this from last year).  We don't need to be in cohorts, so we'll be able to be together as we have.  We'll slowly work our way toward normal as we are guided by Interior Health.  We look forward to our VWP and OELP groups getting out to their camping trips.  We look forward to having school-wide fun days.  We look forward to working hard in our classes with our learning.

The focus of our school goal continues to be around "Resiliency".  We have seen our students improve their "Grit" over the last years.  We see them working through academic and social struggles without just quiting.  Quiting is easy.  Having to figure it out, is hard and takes Grit.  

Other parts of Resiliency that we will look at this year are: Executive Function, Trauma informed teaching, Confidence, Esteem, Mindset, Regulation, and Attachment. Of course, we are also very focussed on our academic work too!  

We look forward to this school year...perhaps it is the most Wonderful Time of the Year.