Tuesday March 31-2020

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Our staff met this morning via a "Zoom" meeting to begin the process of providing and delivering your child's education program for the foreseeable future.  It was nice to be able to see and hear everyone.  All of our staff are healthy and taking care of their families during this time of COVID-19.

Your teachers will be in contact with you today or tomorrow to check in with you.  We will be starting to put together a process for connecting with your family to deliver their education.

We need you to take some time to help us by doing your best to be able to connect with your teachers.  For most, it will be via computer.  But for others, we may need to work on some other method.

Set up a location where your child will do their work.  Set up a routine for your child.  This will allow your child to continue to build good habits for when we can return to classroom learning, whenever that will be.

Either Shannon or I will be at the school during school hours, so you can call us, or even better email.  We can then help you with your questions.

One question that has come up is about VWP applications.  Firstly, the application deadline has been extended to the end of April.  Secondly, If you can, scan and send us your child's application.  Send it to mikehurley@sd8.bc.ca  Thirdly, if you can't send it via email, send us an email or phone to express your child's interest in the VWP!  

Thank you for your support.