Thursday, April 9 2020

Thursday, April 9 2020.

The first thing I would like to say is how amazed I have been to see all of our students on various Zoom Meetings.  So great to see that everyone is looking healthy and doing the best that we can to help our region, the province and the country.  I'm really proud as I listen to how kids are doing things at home and when they go out, they are keeping their distance from others.  We seem to intuitively understand that we all need to do our part to help.  

Your teachers and EA's are working hard to develop their skill around using e-Learning.  Something that we hadn't intended to use very much, so teachers are trying out different ideas and learning about delivering an education to all of our students.  There are some difficulties that we need to getting your consent to use the programs that we're using.  We will be sending you a consent form from the school and we will need to get your consent to allow your child to use these programs and apps.  We are also dealing with some folks who don't have access to internet or computers.  We are looking at strategies to serve your child around this.  We are looking to lend out equipment to you if you don't have any other options.  We have low-tech options too.  We have already delivered books and paperwork to some students.  We just set up a meeting time....tape their work to the door...and parents pick up when they drive by.  It's low-tech....but it's working!  If you need any help let your teacher know.

Same for your child's supplies.  Who knows when we'll be at school again, so if you want your stuff.  Send an email to Shannon and we'll put your gear outside for your to pick up.

These times have presented concerns to many of our families.  Loss of wages puts pressure on our families.  We are working with the food bank and our hot-lunch program to help if you need it.  We can put together a hamper if that will help you.  Please contact me at or 250-505-8120 and we'll organize something.

Shannon and I are at the school for most of the day.  Craig is busily working to clean and reclean the school.  We are here to help!