May 7 2020

Hi everyone!

I hope that you and your family are doing well.

At the school we are continuing to support some families and their children are coming into the school to do school work.  Ms. Hogarth and Erin have been supporting them while they are here.  Some are working on their reading.  Some working on math, and others are just making sure that they are getting their work done.  Some using our internet to connect with their teachers.

Most of you heard the Premier say that things are slowly going to open up.  Such good news, and I look forward to moving carefully forward. 

At the school, we will be looking at providing classes for our younger students K-6.  We are working on a plan that meets safety requirements and your teachers will be asking you about how we can bring your child back to school.  We anticipate that we will start inviting kids into the school in the last week of May or the first week of June.  Coming back into the school will be voluntary. 

We'll contact you next week to see how this can work for you. 

Older students in the OELP and VWP will have in-class sessions with their teacher only as needed. 

We're still working out all of the details like bussing, organizing traffic in the school, when and where will kids take breaks.  Scheduling of classes.  Lot's of questions still.

In the meantime, we'll continue the way we have been.  Teachers and Education Assistants have been providing work and checking in with you on-line and by phone.  In a couple of cases, we're deliver work to your house. 

Feels like we're getting closer.

Take care