June 5 Update

June 5, 2020

Well, we finished our first week of Phase 3 of BC’s Re-opening.

At WEGraham we had about 60% of our students return to their classrooms. Of course, things looked different.

Firstly, our teachers had already contacted you about a schedule for your child to attend class. If you wanted your child to attend we organized to support you.

In Madame’s POP classroom, we saw children enjoying their two days of learning. The class was split into two groups. One group came on Monday and Tuesday. The other group came on Wednesday and Thursday. The school day was on a normal schedule and the bus ran it’s normal route. Their class worked on reading, writing and numeracy! Outside at recess, children got to play in the forest and the playground.

Roxanne’s WILD classroom was very busy. They had the same organization as Madame’s classroom. They too worked on their literacy and numeracy, and I noticed that they were working on some clay pots too!

Ben and Signy’s OELP group was organized differently. They were split into two groups. One group attended Tuesday and the other group attended Wednesday. They worked on literacy and numeracy and are preparing for their debates. The OELP children played on the playground after the other classes were finished their breaks.

The VWP class came in two groups on Tuesday to work on Math and Science with Signy and then on Wednesday, they were working on the trails up Ponderosa with Sean. For us, it was so great to see our children.

They were happy to be back at school (believe it or not) and to see their classmates. One child noted that the smaller groups was allowing him to get to know others better. One child told me that she’d like to come back to school every day! One told me that he still didn’t like school. Oh well. We are working hard to ensure safety for our children and for our staff. Craig is running around after us and cleaning all of our touch points, so he’s getting a work out. We appreciate the extra effort that he’s doing for us! We thank you for your support and we will continue with this schedule next week. Your child coming to school is your decision and it is voluntary. I’m extremely impressed by the teachers, education assistants, and our staff at the school. They have been adapting and managing in remarkable ways to help your children continue to learn.

Sincerely, Mike