June 19 2020 Update

June 19, 2020

School Update:

Year End Activities:

As we all know, COVID-19 has changed the way we have provided an education for your children.  I have been so impressed by our teachers, education assistants, and staff in how they have been flexible in providing eLearning and also in-class connections for those families who chose to send their children to school in June.

Now, we are planning a way to end the year in each of our classes. 

For Madame’s POP classroom they are looking to have a celebration on Wednesday, June 24th.  Madame will send you out details for how you can participate.

Roxanne’s WILD class is also having a celebration on Wednesday, June 24th and she will send out information about what they are planning.

Our OELP class is getting together in two groups on Tuesday, June 23rd and heading out for a gentle hike toward Evan’s Creek.  They’ll bring their own lunches and enjoy some time together.  On Thursday, their class will have a final ZOOM meeting to celebrate individual accomplishments.

Sean’s VWP class will be gathering at school in the gym for their final celebration on Wednesday, June 24th, starting at 4:00 pm.  Parents will be spaced (COVID aware) around the gym for the presentations.

Oh yeah.  And everyone will get their report cards.


Thursday is a day when you can come into the school to pick up anything left behind, or if you want to check in with teachers.  Just send us an email so we can be ready for you.

Please return any items that you borrowed such as Chromebooks, iPads, laptops, guitars, and supplies so we can ensure they are ready for the fall.


For Next Year:

One of the worst kept secrets in the Valley has been that Roxanne is taking a year off for an adventure up north to do some teaching.  We wish her all the best and look forward to hearing from her throughout her trip and upon her return.  We are excited to announce that we are hiring Raina Gardner to take Roxie’s place next year.  Raina lives in the Valley and has worked in many different places.  She has been very helpful in our valley schools where she has been doing some support groups for girls.  We look forward to having Raina work with your children here at that school.


This year, the tone and culture of the school was absolutely amazing!  We were having so much fun and the kids were great!  It is too bad that COVID didn’t allow us to bring things to a close, because we were looking forward to a great finish.  Our OELP group was unable to do their Vancouver trip.  VWP didn’t get to have their awesome culminating trip.

Despite these hardships, we are grateful for your children and that you send them to our school!  We will finish off the year and do our best to bring this school year to a close.

We can’t predict what September start-up will look like, but we will be ready however it looks. We are looking to build on this year and continue to make WE Graham an awesome school for our families in Slocan and the Valley! 

Tell everyone about how the school is doing!  Tell them about your experience!  We do need more families to choose WE Graham Community School! 



Ben, Signy, Shannon, Erin, Sean, Tanya, Craig, Jeannie, Kathryn, Roxie, Alice, and Mike