End of School Year

I'd like to check in with you as we end this school year.  

We had a chance to see over 75% of our children this week in end-of-year ceremonies.  Our teachers organized sessions that allowed children to re-connect, collect their belongings, and say goodbye for the summer. 

Sean hosted his VWP year-end in the gym with their heart-warming slide show and speeches.  I love the part where the children have to say something about one of their colleagues.  I'm pretty sure that no other grad ceremony in the district included a quote from Bob Marley.

Ben and Signy hosted a hike on Tuesday and then a ZOOM classroom celebration on Thursday that was lots of fun.  They gave out awards like, "Most Likely to Fall out of a Desk" and "The Camel" to OELP students.

Roxanne and Madame both hosted outdoor days on Wednesday that ended with a circle to express gratitude, appreciation and bring closure.

We are so fortunate to have a great school in Slocan.

We will keep you informed as best we can about our startup in September.

Enjoy your summer with your families!