April 29 2020

April 29 Update at WEG.

I hope that you and your family are doing well. 

We continue to be open at the school to support families if you need us.  We are supporting our community in many ways.  Firstly, our teachers are continuing to teach and we know that you have had many meetings and the assignments are starting to roll!  Please keep in contact with your teacher to help your child stay engaged with their learning.  Our Education Assistants are also engaging with a number of our students in different ways.  Phone calls to help with children work through their assignments and providing materials for families to work with. 

Here at the school, Ms. Hogarth is providing support for some families who need their child to come to the school to do their work.  These students work in a mapped out cubicle in the music room and must distance from others while they work.  Most students are coming for an hour or two to do their work.  Some are coming to get access to the internet for their classroom meetings. If you need this support, please phone Mike at the school.

We are looking to support you if you are in need of food as well.  We are working with the WEGCSS food  bank and the Slocan Village Market and are able to provide you with support should you need it for your family.  Don't hesitate to call if you need some help.

I encourage you to stay the course and stay safe with your family.  Please keep informed as you need to be.  I was impressed by the "Canada Stronger Together" program on Sunday.  The theme song they chose was "Lean on Me", to pay tribute to Bill Withers, but also to encourage us all to help each other.

Be safe.  We'll be together soon!