April 16 2020

Hi everyone.

I assume that you are keeping well and safe.  Your child's teacher has set up eLearning either with Class Dojo or Google Classroom.  Yes, they have work to do.  So if you're child is telling you they have nothing to do....it's probably not true.

We started with a gentle start, helping families get sorted out with technology and other process.  But now we are asking children to be checking in with their teachers and getting back to work.  We've worked hard at the school to get your children working hard at improving their academics.  We are seeing some of the work done by our students that isn't really their best effort.  So, we'll need your help to provide a work time for your children.  Check in with your child and teacher if you haven't already to see what kind of effort your child is putting in to their work.

Some of us are using technology, but some of us aren't.  That's ok.  We can have packages organized for your child.  Your teacher will let Shannon or I know and we'll get things ready for you to pick up.  Sometimes we even deliver!

Finally, I hope that you are doing ok with food for your family.  We are here to help if you need it.  We are working with the WEGCSS and will put together a hamper for you and we can deliver it to you.  Give me a call at 250-505-8120 if we can help.