April 1 2020

April 1st.

WEG Staff met this morning and teachers are beginning to pull together methods for connecting with children for their learning.  Each of our classrooms are different, and each child in each classroom is different.

We are looking at ways to connect educationally with your child and with you.  Our VWP and OELP kids will be using Google Classroom.  The district has done great work by setting up a sd8net subsection of Google Classroom that restricts our students to only communicate with other students on sd8net.  Teachers will also work with children to ensure their privacy and to protect their own privicy.  Our other two classes (Ms. Roxy and Madame) are continuing to develop their communication strategies and delivery model.

Your teacher has likely already reached out to you to see how you are prepared to connect with us.  Do you have internet?  Do you have wifi?  Is there another way we can access you?  If you haven't heard from us....please contact the school and we'll connect you to your teacher.

One big part of this process, is that we are moving softly.  We will not be overloading you with learning so that you have to become a teacher overnight.  We are here to teach your children....it's just going to look differently for a while....and it will take a while to get things sorted.

You might also be wondering about school supplies that you have here at school.  If you need things, please contact us and we will set up a pick up schedule.  We want to limit the number of people gathering, I'm sure you understand.  We will collect your child's items and put them in a bag.  We will be wearing gloves when we do this.  Then, when you come to the school, phone us, and we will put your bag outside so you can grab it.  Please back up a couple meters when we open the door to ensure social distancing.

We've also heard parents wondering about having playdates or get togethers with other children.  We can only ask that you pay attention to the public health officials, and Premier of the province.  They are telling us to not gather.  It may be hard for your child, but this is not a time for kids to have sleepovers or gatherings.  Just like you are, they too need to follow the same guidelines to help us overcome this.

Take care of your families