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Teachers will be contacting students and families during the week to check up and say 'hi'. Stay Healthy. 

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W.E. Graham Community School Registration 2020/21

Supporting your Local Community School is a great way to contribute to the building of a healthy and sustainable community in Slocan.

Great things are happening at W.E.Graham Community School, and we are now accepting registrations for all students in grade K through 10.  W.E.Graham endeavours to engage students through a wide variety of outdoor and experiential opportunities.  We are planning to have four classrooms next year.

Primary Outdoor Program (POP) K-2: spends at least two afternoons a week exploring the local environment and is actively involved in the use of develop of the outdoor classroom area on the Slocan River.  You may have seen them out in the community with their bright orange backpacks!

Our WILD (Wilderness Intermediate Leadership Development) Class (Grade 3-6) is a multi-aged community focused classroom that is based on character and leadership development.  An opportunity for many fine arts activities is also provided for these children.

Grade 7 and 8’s have the opportunity in the Outdoor Environmental Leadership Program (OELP) which combines experiential activities, electives, and core academics to create a program that fosters leadership, resilience, self-confidence, and awareness of the outdoors.  The program offers, cooking, photography, wood working, drama, robotics, French, art, and many day trips and a few overnight trips.

The Valhalla Wilderness Program (VWP) is a one of a kind junior (Grade 9 and 10) wilderness program that has achieved an international reputation for excellence.  This program focuses on creating a learning experience which involves backcountry skiing, mountain biking, hiking and canoeing.  Students receive certificates in avalanche awareness as well as first aid.  This program involves 5 to 6 extended out trips as well as day trips every Friday.  In conjunction with the outdoor experience, the students are also in class for a regular selection of academic classes and integrated curriculum experiences.  Spaces in this program are limited and an application process is required in addition to a regular registration form.  If you are not in the W.E. Graham catchment area, it is important that you complete a school transfer very soon.  If you have any question regarding our school or the programs, please contact principal, Mike Hurley at 250-355-2212 or, or check our website at

Current until: Saturday, April 25th, 2020

Posted: Monday, March 2nd, 2020