Outdoor Learning

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Learning Outdoors (Nature Primary Program)

K-3 students will use the outdoors and local community as teaching tools. Our outdoor classroom is located at the old Fire Camp along the Rail Trail. Outdoor classrooms bring learning to life. It is a gathering place for teachers, students and the community, and it provides a great way to bring nature into the curriculum. Students will learn how to become good stewards of the environment through interactive experiences, discussions, critical thinking and hands-on projects. In addition to the educational value of nature-based programming are the health benefits of getting outdoors. Benefits include:

  • Improved mood and happier kids
  • Increased retention rate for subject material
  • Improved learning experiences for tactile and experiential learners
  • Improved social skills
  • Increased understanding of complex ecological concepts
  • Incorporation of physical activity
  • Community and school engagement

The K-3 class will explore outside two afternoons per week to help strengthen their connections with nature. During the winter months we will walk or snowshoe to the outdoor classroom.


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