Kathryn Rexin K-3, FSL 7-8, CE 9-10

My name is Kathryn Rexin and I am a teacher at W.E. Graham School

My history:  I grew up in northern Ontario on beautiful Lake Superior. I graduated from Lakehead University with a degree in Psychology and French.  After graduation, I moved to Alberta where I met my husband while in the P.E. program at the University of Alberta. I graduated with a second degree in education and then moved to BC.

Now:  My family moved to the Kootenays in 2005.  I live in the valley with my husband, five children and my dog. I have worked at WEG since 2013.

Likes:  Hiking, soccer, dirt biking, reading, giraffes and chocolate

Dislikes: coffee and whistling

Passions:  My family, being active every day, teaching and everything French!

Fun facts about me:  I lived in Switzerland when I was 16

I once moved 17 times in 2 years

I have climbed the Leaning Tower of Pisa

I rode an elephant

I would love to compete in the Amazing Race Canada

I think organizing is fun and persians are yummy!

(a Thunder Bay specialty)

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