WEG logoW.E.Graham Community School is a Kindergarten to Grade 10 school. Located in the scenic village of Slocan,  center of the unique Slocan Valley. Programs include the Valhalla Wilderness Program (Gr. 9/10), Outdoor Environmental Leadership Program (Gr. 7/8), Multi-aged K-2 class, with a Primary outdoor program, Multi-aged 3-5 class, Slocan Homelinks,  Hot Lunch Program, Breakfast Program, Fruit & Vegetable Program, and primary and child/youth after school programs. W.E.Graham also has close links to the W.E. Graham Community Services Society and Slocan Valley Recreation Commission and is a venue for various activities and events for members of the community.


915 Harold St.
PO Box 10, Slocan, B.C. V0G 2C0
Phone: (250) 355-2212
Fax: (250) 355-2523

PRINCIPAL  – Ed Nielsen

Secretary – Shannon O’Hara

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